Crissy Dickinson, Administrative Assistant

 Crissy Dickinson is an administrative assistant with The Shelter   Studio.  In this role, Crissy is responsible for providing   administrative support to the team. Self-starter with proven   decision making and problem-solving ability.  Dedicated and   focused, able to manage multiple tasks and provide high   quality detailed work.  Key focus on providing high level of   services to both internal and external customers.

 Crissy Dickinson received her Bachelor of Arts from Portland   State in 2002.Studing Early Education and Art.  Moved back to   hometown in St. Louis, Missouri to start a family and run a   family restaurant.   Before joining The Shelter Studio in 2018,   Crissy has spent 9 years as an administrator for a global   engineering consulting firm in St Louis. Crissy loves to travel   and new adventures. And that’s what brought her family to   Bend.